Friday, June 26, 2009

Introduction to Literacy

Assignment 1

For assignment 1,I have choose UITM Library for my research..

I have take a look in this website and i found advantages for students.But there are also disadvantages intis website..


  • This library use webOpac for their students to find many kinds of books that they want.
  • It is also has webInfoline.This webInfoline is to ease students to find journals or articles that they need.
  • In this library also has library Intranet.Library Intranet is for students who want to find cd-networking, digital collections,library journals and many more..


  • When I first open this website,I do not know how to find the books that I want.This is because this arrangement of this website is not so good and I don't like it.
  • The colour that used in this website is not attract the users..This is because they used dull colours in this website.

I think that's all about my critics on UITM library websites..Although it has disadvantages,I think this website is good and interesting.

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